food composite-2017

To Share or Not to Share

Ginger Garlic Cauliflower v gf
miso tahini sauce 8.5

Pimiento Deviled Eggs gf
pimiento cheese stuffed, green onion 7

Wedge Salad gf
iceberg, bacon, peas, blue cheese, pickled red onion, buttermilk ranch 10

Grilled Asparagus gf
miso tahini, toasted sesame seeds, Korean chile 10.5

Tomato Toast v
marinated heirloom tomatoes, grilled bread, fried garlic, olive oil, herbs 7.5

Belmont House Salad v gf
gathered greens, cucumber, pickled red onion, white balsamic vinaigrette 7
add bacon or chicken (3)

Charcuterie Plate
cured meats, house pickled veggies, mustard, crackers 14

Cheese Plate
manchego, smoked pimiento cheese, blue cheese, pickled vegetables, crackers 14

Dirty Fries
housemade mushroom gravy, smoked cheddar, green onion 9
add bacon or chicken (3)

Sandwiches & Plates

Grilled Cheese & Tomato Soup
grilled challah bread, smoked cheddar & creamy tomato soup 7.5

Mac & Cheese
three cheese cream, toasted breadcrumbs 9.5
add kale, green onion or red pepper (.5 each)
add blue cheese (1) add chicken or bacon (3)

Fried Chicken Sandwich
bacon, rosemary honey, kale, stoneground mustard aïoli on ciabatta 11.5
add hand-cut fries (2) add Belmont house salad (2)

Steak Salad* gf
gathered greens, asparagus, hard-boiled egg, marinated tomatoes, pickled red onion, manchego, white balsamic 16

Vegan Burger v
housemade white bean patty, bourbon caramelized onions, oyster mushrooms, kale, flaxseed ‘aioli’ on ciabatta 11
add hand-cut fries (2) add Belmont house salad (2)

Bookshelf Burger*
tri-cut beef patty, blue cheese, bacon, apple, stoneground mustard aïoli on a potato bun 13
add hand-cut fries (2) add Belmont house salad (2)

Fish & Chips
beer-battered wild Alaskan cod, hand-cut fries, tartar sauce 17

Steak Frites*
herb garlic fries, blue cheese butter 21


Chocolate Pots de Crème
Grand Marnier whipped cream, shaved chocolate 6.5

Seasonal Shortcake
seasonal fruit, Grand Marnier whipped cream, rosemary honey 7.5